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Most days, I’ll offer a quick read on the markets and investing with the occasional wine or travel review because really, what is the point if we don’t enjoy life and the people and places we most enjoy?

I have the great fortune of having three home bases: San Diego, California; Lake Como, Italy; and Dublin, Ireland. On top of that I love to visit new places, so you’ll get some solid suggestions on places to visit, primarily in Europe. I’m also quite the wine lover with entirely too many bottles in storage for anyone who desires a healthy liver. I am also a mad Peloton (PTON) enthusiast, having shipping a bike via FedEx all the way to Lake Como from San Diego, so ying and yang!

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Lenore Elle Hawkins
Founding partner of an international boutique advisory firm specializing in M&A, private capital raise, & corp finance. Macroeconomist, Angel Investor, Strategic Advisor, love of wine, dogs, and finding the humor in life.